Cold call how cold calling will change your life   kenn hodler

Cold Call: How Cold Calling Will Change Your Life

By Kenn Hodler

"Cold Call: How Cold Calling Will Change Your Life" is an empowering guide that revolutionizes our understanding of one of the most dreaded aspects of sales and business: cold calling. The book, written by an industry veteran, navigates readers through the art and science of cold calling, transforming it from a fear-inducing task into an empowering and potentially life-changing skill.

The author redefines the narrative around cold calling, arguing that it's not just a sales technique but a fundamental life skill. By mastering it, readers can not only excel in business but also enhance their personal life, improving communication, resilience, and self-confidence.

The book covers a wide range of topics starting from the basics, like understanding what cold calling is, the psychology behind the fear of cold calling, and how to overcome that fear. It provides strategic advice on how to prepare for a call, create a compelling script, handle objections, and follow up effectively.

Each chapter includes anecdotes, real-life experiences, and exercises, making the learning process interactive and engaging. Interviews with successful professionals who have mastered the art of cold calling bring additional layers of authenticity and practical insights.

"Cold Call" also highlights the importance of persistence and resilience, emphasizing that rejection in cold calling is not a personal failure but a stepping stone to success. It provides effective strategies for dealing with rejection and maintaining a positive mindset.

This book will not only equip readers with the tools they need to excel at cold calling, but it will also inspire a broader transformation, instilling confidence, improving interpersonal communication, and promoting a more assertive approach to both professional and personal challenges.