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How Can a Loan Benefit Your Business?

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Extra Funds For Marketing
Having the money you need to build your business is essential. Learning how to use funds to grow and advertise your business can help with business expansion.
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Buy More Equipment
Being able to buy purchase the right equipment you need for your business to run is essential. Obtaining business financing can help you make those purchases you need!
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Consolidate Debt
Consolidate your business debts into one, low monthly payment and free up your money for daily operations. Merge all of your existing loans to get a low-interest and more comfortable payment.
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Expand Your Business
Want to expand to new locations or across new industries? Our flexible loan options, low interest rates and quick approvals can provide the funding you need to grow.
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Get the Funding Your Business Needs To Grow

Hodler Capital Group is one of the largest and most credible small business lending firms in the area. We offer flexible financing options and strategies to businesses both small and large within a wide range of industries.

Over the years, Hodler Capital Group has helped thousands of business owners navigate the challenges that come with everyday operations while seeking new financing options. Whether you are looking to borrow for cash flow, working capital, equipment or expanding your business, we have got you covered.
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 What Our Clients Have to Say from Google 


"I needed a website that was impressive enough to be the closer on a potential deal.  Thanks to Hodler, my site accomplished its mission and more.  I plan to do business with Hodler for a while and will recommend them to all my associates."

- Andy N.


"Hodler Capital Group, one of the Best companies I’ve worked with to date. They got me lines of credit for my business and now my company has a great credit rating."

- Steph J.


"Very professional, they walk you through all the steps and get you the capital that you need for your business. I Highly recommend Holder Capital Group"

- Anthony S.
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 What Our Clients Have to Say from Yelp


"This is exactly the kind of experience you can wish for when setting up your website. It's correspondent and quality ensured. Special shout-out to Kenneth for being so chilled and constantly being able to reach  for further inquires and tweaks to your website . Easy and seem-less experience"

- Nabil A.


"I came to the Hodler group because I need 2 services. I needed a website and the website was completed in 24hr. I also needed help establishing business credit to help me get my business running. I was able to get both of those done within a short amount of time. I highly recommend this company for anyone who needs a web designer fast and I mean fast. He communicates very well on the project date and details."

- Kwon H.


"My uncle and I had an amazing experience with Hodler Capital Group. We were able to get a lot of help all in the same day from creating a business website to setting up our social media. Kenneth made sure we were well taken care of, I recommend to anyone that really wants to be a business owner and take things to the next level."
- Ciara J.
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